Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Big WIP / sketches update

Hello! <3

I just wanted to give you an update on what I've been working on lately, so here are some bits'n'pieces of my current work!

This is a WIP of the newest part of my makeup-goddesses series - and obvious to everyone who watches makeup videos on Youtube, this is the amazing  XSparkage!!!

This is a mini-collection of quick 5-minutes-sketches I made of the beautiful Natasha Lillipore aka SilentDoe, an amazing fashion blogger/model. There will be more of these and I'll make some sort of a collage-thingie with them, maybe in combination with a small portrait. We'll see.

Now, please try to guess which one of these two versions of the same pic is the newer one! (God, I hope you're able to tell!) 

Aaaaand this is somewhat of a challenge for me myself: I redid an old picture of mine, a portrait ID from 2006. I talked to the lovely girl in this picture, RaineAngel, and remembered that this picture I've done of her was basically the first portrait I really liked.
So somehow I felt challenged to give it another try... and that I did! :D
And let me tell you - I was surprised myself by how much of a difference 4 years of practice can make. Yeah, I know, I haven't really painted out her hair in the new one, it's just a sketchy mess, and the shirt is not shaded (yet)... but still, I think the difference is quite visible.


  1. Waaaah!!! Das zweite sieht SUUUPERGEIL aus! Hat voll Stil! *___________* *lieb

  2. @Chris: Yeah, you're right! :D

    @Glasmond: Dankeschöööön! <3 Und die machen auch echt Spass. Einfach so hinkritzeln, was gefällt, keine stundenlangen Colorierungs-Arien... mal was anderes. XD