Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Gewinnspiel: Glitter is my Crack

I don't really take part in many of those giveaways that appear in the blogs I read, but this one I HAD to take part in! :D

Glitter is my Crack is giving out a package with the most beautiful Morgana Cryptoria eyeshadows aaaaand some jewelry from her own collection, The Moon Maiden.

I'm a makeup lover as you all might know, so I'd love to own the eyeshadows... but seriously, it's the jewelry that got me! I want it sooo bad, especially the necklace! <3

See? Zombie cameo necklace!! How much better can it get? Plus, there are matching earrings as well!

I can only highly recommend you check out her blog - it's brilliant, plus the girl is so beautiful! <3

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