Freitag, 5. November 2010

Pink Sugar Background Massacre - massive WIP picture post!

Hello dearest readers! :D

This is going to be a massive picture-ridden post on some new thing I'm currently working on.
Those who have been following my art on dA for a while know that I HATE backgrounds with a passion. I basically never do them. :(
But when I decide to do backgrounds - I will make those HUMONGOUS neon massacres, crammed full with colourful stuff. Let me give you two examples from the past:

Eat Me, Drink Me (2008): background + finished picture.

Neon Headache (2007): background and finished picture 

And now: Sugar Covered Icebergs (working title, don't ask!): background and NOT finished picture, obviously: 

So, yeah. do you see some kind of pattern there?

God, I shouldn't be spending up to 10 hours on kitschy backgrounds.
But I love them..... <3


  1. Hi :-) I found a link to this on your dA page and had to come and say hi. I've added you to my Arty Blogs list at my blog.

  2. @MI:Dank dir!!! :D

    @Tanya:Hi there! Great you found your way to my little WIP-space! And thanks again for linking to my blog on your (fabulous!) blog!

    @chiaracat: Thanks, sweetheart! <3