Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Beweg dich! :D (Moving animation gif)

Helloooooo! :D

I made this (hopefully) moving gif-animation of the making-of of one of my pictures called "crybaby"
I originally wanted to make a tutorial of it, so I took a ton of screenshots - but in the end I was too lazy to type a tutorial, so I made an animated walk-through. What... turned out to be really complicated for me since I have never made any moving picture before and I battled with Image Ready for quite a while until I found out that I can easily auto-fill the animation with the screenshots. ^^; I'm officially a dumbass.

Well, I managed in the end, as you can see! :D

Please tell me you can see it move! PLEASE!!!! ;_;

You might have to click it again so it opens up bigger to actually see the animation... anyone knows how to fix that?

Oh yeah, and the finished version:


  1. @moony: Did you try to click on the picture so it opens up in a new window? Because for me, it then moves!