Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

I buy too much stuff..... (Achtung, Bilderflut und Kaufsucht!)

Hello darlings!

This is going to be a pretty much useless post on quite a lot of the stuff I bought or got as presents in the last few weeks. Beware - it's a lot. And I have not counted in things such as clothes or non-decorative cosmetics.
No art in here.

So, yeah, on with the account of my failing to try to spend less money.

This was a present from my aunt for St. Nichola's Day. :D Yeah, I know, it's a glass stone necklace from H&M - but she wrapped it so nicely! It looked really lovely!

A Hello kitty box which held chocolate cookies - I use it for some of my lipsticks now. :D

And Hello Kitty body spays in strawberry, sweet vanilla and bubblegum. There was a fourth one that smelled like some type of berry, but I left it at my mom's house. TBH, these aren't too great, the smells are quite fake and more suited for kids, but I loved the packaging. 

One of my newest babies: The Zoeva Very Croc brush set. LOVE IT! <3

Aaaand my other baby: The NYX Makeup Artist Box. 36 shades of shadows. 12 shades of glitter. 2 blushes. 1 powder. 3 contouring colors. LOVE!

 China Glaze: Ruby Pumps (182) - best Christmas nailpolish EVARRR!

Also nice (and a lot cheaper): P2 frosty polish from the Snow Glam limited edition. I don't know the real name of the color, I ripped off the enervating label that held the information and was glued to the cap.

2 Sleek i-Divine palettes: One in STORM, which obviously looks a lot dirtier than the other - because it is mine and I'm using it basically every day, I love it to death, and the other one is an ORIGINAL i-Divine palette. I didn't use it because it is a Christmas present to my mom.

Random cosmetics:

Essence Fairytale LE Pixie dust shimmer powder
P2 Snow Glam LE snowlike highlighter in 010 Arctic White 
3 new Catrice shadows: 130 Sitting On A Volcano; 260 I Am A Coal Girl and 270 Grey's Philosophy

Manhattan Party Glam LE: Wildberry palette (dirty, sorry!)

Tons of random eyeshadows:

P2 Universe in 080 Flirty Venus
MNY 301 A (the khaki-goldish one)
Essence Show Off LE 01 Me, Me, Me
3 baked Alverde shadows (LOVE!!!) in 02 Glam Mauve, 01 Elegant Beige and 08 Golden Chestnut
2 P2 duo eyeshadows I don't know the names of. I got them for free and they don't work for me.

And tons of nail polishes:

P2 222 artful
P2 207 stormy
P2 matte top coat
H&M polish Blue My Mind
H&M polish Bella's Choice
P2 17 elegant
Catrice 280 London's Weather Forecast
Catrice 240 Sold Out Forever
Catrice Expect the Unexpected LE C01 Spruce up
Catrice 250 I Sea You!



  1. wow!
    I love that necklace, the china glaze and I really want to try Catrice nail polish! You got some great stuff! Im a shopaholic too- I need to cut down!

    I really like your site and your layout is adorable, follow me and Ill follow you!

  2. Haha, yeah, I buy too much stuff, really! :D And the China Glaze polish is purest magic - I love it to death!

  3. Love everything, but the brushes are my favourite!
    And the Ruby Pumps and the palettes, and the necklace and the polishes ... :P :D